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We pride ourselves on being strategic problem solvers.


Professionalism and cleanliness are top of mind and we work through our projects, we like to say “Our guys are clean, and our work is cleaner.”

Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete is the most maintenance free and abrasion resistant flooring system available.


Polished concrete is specified with a cut level (class) and a sheen (level), but this is just the start. Dyes, stains, stencils, designs, and logos can all be incorporated into polished concrete flooring. 

Resinous Flooring & Industrial Coatings

Resinous Flooring and Industrial Coating encompass many different systems for specific environments such as, commercial kitchens and commissaries, healthcare, breweries, animal facilities, education, laboratories, wastewater treatment plants, chemical containment, and secondary containments.


All these environments require different resinous flooring systems utilizing epoxies, urethanes, polyaspartics, vinyl esters, ect to achieve different finishes (smooth, slip resistant, electrostatic dissipative). When working with these systems its is imperative to understand how the floor will be uses so that the correct system can be provided to the end user.

Tank Rehabilitation / Linings

We specialize in rehabilitation of water tanks, wastewater tanks and associated vessels and channels. Backed by our relationships with many General Contractors, Engineering Firms and Authorities we are the leaders in the Mid-Atlantic in this area. In conjunction with our suppliers, Sika, Tnemec, Aquafin and Gatti - Morrison we offer quality materials and over 65 years combined experience. 

Decorative Overlayments

Decorative Overlayments are engineered cements that are placed and polished or sealed topically. We work with the best cement manufacturers in the industry to provide beautiful floors that are very comparable to Terrazzo flooring. These projects require many skills and coordination to provide one-of-a-kind floors.


When receiving quotes for this work it is extremely important that the contractor is certified by the manufacturer to ensure the projects success. Please ask us about our elite certifications from the leading manufacturers.

Sealed Concrete

From janitors closets to million square foot warehouses, sealed concrete is a economical finish for concrete to dust proof and protect floors.

An important aspect of this work is joint filling and sealing as well as providing the right sealer for the environment for which it will be used.

Crack Injection & Water Intrusion

At RPG we have a combined 65 years experience in urethane grout injection. Considered a leader in the field of concrete vessel injection and repair we have mastered the art and the science of urethane injection.


We utilize many different combinations of both Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic resins to ensure sealing of even the toughest of leaks in the most demanding water, wastewater and chemical tank environments.

UHP Water Blasting

We at RPG utilize from 10,000 to 40,000 PSI UHP water blasting to profile and remove concrete as preparation for the rehabilitation process of tanks, parking decks and many other concrete structures.


In addition, our Hydro-Demolition process can cut and prepare concrete for removal, pipe penetrations and form pouring. The use of UHP technology is a quick and efficient process that eliminates Silica dust completely, is spark free, and creates a safer work environment.

Containment Areas

At RPG, chemical containments are one of our specialties. We offer solutions using the toughest coatings in the industry like Vinyl Esters, MMA’s and Carbon Fiber infused mortars for the protection of the toughest of environments.

Image by Jim Witkowski

Concrete Repair

RPG is the leader in concrete repair and restoration in Commercial, Water, Wastewater and Chemical Plants. Our experience and long-standing relationships with our mortar suppliers makes us a preferred applicator for tanks, vessels, tunnels for horizontal, vertical and overhead restorations.


Our skilled crews are OSHA – 30, OSHA 10, and certified applicators for Ardex, CTS Cements, Mapei, Sika, Tnemec, Aquafin and Master Builder.

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